QUIZ: Is this food vegan?

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While many beers use animal products such as isinglass or gelatin as part of their filtration process, Budweiser is 100% vegan.

Marshmallow Fluff

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Although not gelatinous like traditional marshmallows, Marshmallow Fluff consists of little other than sugar and egg whites.

Fox's Party Rings

5. Foxs Party Rings
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While their icing used to contain gelatin, making them unsuitable for vegetarians, Fox's Party Rings are currently vegan. However, it is with great distress I report that my fingers no longer fit through the holes.

Worcestershire Sauce

6. Worcestershire Sauce
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The savoury sauce contains fermented anchovies.

Warburton's Crumpets

7. Warburtons Crumpets
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Although different brands sometimes contain milk, Warburton's crumpets are vegan.

Cadbury's Hot Chocolate

8. Cadburys Hot Chocolate
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The powder itself contains no animal products, and when added to plant milk makes a delicious hot chocolate.

Frosted Pop Tarts

9. Frosted Pop Tarts
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While there are three unfrosted flavours which are vegan, Kellogg's Pop Tarts frosting contains gelatin and whey.


10. Marmite
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Marmite is vegan, and makes a good replacement for beef stock when cooking savoury dishes.

Doritos Cool Original

11. Doritos Cool Original
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While Lightly Salted and Chilli Heatwave Doritos are vegan, Cool Original contain milk.

Barratt's Sherbet Fountain

12. Barratts Sherbet Fountain
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Also vegan is the Sherbet Fountain's lollipop-based cousin, the Dip Dab.


13. Honey
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Nah, it's made by bees, innit?

Quorn Vegetarian Bacon

14. Quorn Vegetarian Bacon
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Though vegetarian, Quorn's meat-free bacon contains egg whites.

Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa cake
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The squidgy orange classic, sadly, contains both egg and milk.

Salt and Vinegar Pringles

s prin s v
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Although Original Pringles are vegan, many flavours, including Salt and Vinegar, contain milk powder in the flavouring, because apparently nothing tastes better with vinegar than a nice glug of milk.

QUIZ: Is this food vegan?

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