10 Health Benefits of Sweet Lime (Mosambi)

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Ten Health Benefits of Sweet Lime or Mosambi

1. It Helps Improve Digestion

Sweet lime is extremely rich in flavonoids. These flavonoids stimulate the digestive system and trigger the secretion of several digestive juices and even bile. If your child has any bouts of indigestion or issues like irregular bowels, one of the main health benefits of sweet lime is that it helps to neutralize all the digestive juices because of its acidic content. It can keep issues like vomiting and diarrhea at bay as well.

2. Aids in Removing Toxins from the Body

Your child is exposed to several toxins throughout the day. Be it through pollutants or through processed foods. Mosambi is acidic in nature which helps flush these toxins out of the system easily. It is also very rich in fiber, which eases bowel movements, and helps excrete any toxins out easily.

3. It is loaded with Vitamin C

Like all citrus fruits, Mosambi is also rich in Vitamin C and must be a part of your child’s diet. In fact, with every serving, you can get close to 50 mg of Vitamin C. This helps the child reach the daily-required intake quite easily and helps boost the immune system. This is why Sweet Lime or its juice is recommended for kids suffering from common cold or flu. One of the main health benefits of mosambi is its ability to counter diseases like Scurvy.

Since it is rich in vitamin C, it can prevent any deficiency and can reverse the effects of an existing deficiency. In addition to this, mosambi is also effective in case of conditions like jaundice as it is a natural coolant. It is also rich in Vitamin C that keeps the immune system functioning at its best capacity.

4. It Keeps the Child Hydrated

With the summers approaching, it is necessary to keep your child hydrated at all times. Kids play for long hours outdoors and you can keep them protected from dehydration or cramps with some Mosambi juice. The rich content of vitamins and minerals act like electrolytes that keep the child from getting dehydrated. This is better than any processed drink that you may provide your child with as it keeps the child from feeling acidic or uneasy.

5. It Helps Keep The Bones Stronger

Mosambi is rich in phosphorus and calcium, which are essential nutrients for the bones. This helps improve bone health over time. In addition to this, any inflammation in the joints or tissues is also reduced instantly. This is one of the reasons why Mosambi is highly recommended as a preventive measure against arthritis or osteoarthritis where inflammation can cause several issues. It is also rich in folic acid, which keeps the bones healthier.

6. Must-have during Pregnancy

Mosambi is great for pregnant women as it helps them fight diseases, maintain healthy bones, through this crucial phase and also counter joint or bone related issues. In addition to this, the added nutrients are also useful in helping with the proper development of the fetus.

7. It Can Counter Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is becoming increasingly common today with easy access to processed foods. Mosambi can help prevent this condition effectively. It is low in calories but has the ability to boost energy instantly. Therefore, it can be used as a great snack for children who are suffering from weight-related issues. Mosambi is also known to reduce cholesterol and related health troubles.

8. It Keeps the Eyes Healthy

Mosambi is known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. This can help prevent any degeneration of the macular tissues or the tissues in the eyes. Eating enough mosambi can actually prevent age-related issues such as cataract in the long run.

9. It Boosts Energy

Mosambi juice acts as a natural coolant. In addition to this, the number of vitamins and minerals present in it are great for boosting energy levels. A glass of mosambi juice before playtime can work wonders for your little one.

10. It Keeps the Skin and Hair Healthy

Mosambi or Sweet Lime is loaded with several vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your child. It contains one of the highest levels of Vitamin C among other fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, it is also rich in potassium, copper, calcium, phosphorus and iron. These are the vital nutrients to ensure great skin and hair health. If you want your little one to have lustrous hair and glowing skin, a glass of mosambi juice each day can do the trick.

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